OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShelley Krause, PCG and Director of Care Services

Shelley has always been a caregiver. Anytime someone was in need due to illness or the loss of a loved one, Shelley found herself compelled to help meet physical and emotional needs. In addition, she understands what it is like to be the recipient of caregiving as she has personally received care due to an extended illness and a violent event. Her studies of the elderly and special needs populations have led to a post-graduate certification in Speech/Language Pathology SPLA from the University of Colorado, Boulder.   She and her husband have been providing care and/or working with special needs populations since 1996. In addition to caregiving she enjoys playing piano and keyboard for the worship band in her church in Littleton, CO where she attends with her husband and 3 children. You can also listen to her advice on mothering, marriage and family as a co-host on the ChannelMom radio show at 4:30 daily on, KLVZ 810 AM and Saturdays at 1:00 PM on KLTT 670 AM or at www.ChannelMom.com.


Favorite quote from a Golden Heart Client: “At my age, all of my friends have died. I guess it’s time to make new friends.”

 Dusty Seagren, PCG & Assistant Manager

I have always wanted a career in the health care field and specifically nursing because I enjoy helping people. When I witnessed nurses in the hospital first hand, I knew beyond a doubt that nursing was he going to be my calling. I admired how medical health professionals could remain so calm, cool, and collected, as they treated patients with varying types of conditions.  Nurses are really the patient’s advocate and are the ones that make sure patients are cared for. I knew nursing was the perfect field for me because there is more human interaction than other fields of medicine.  Now that I have  graduated from Metropolitan State University with a bachelor’s degree in Biology & Chemistry, I desire to further my education in nursing with plans to become a registered nurse.  In the mean time,  I enjoy the greater levels of interaction with helping people here at Golden Heart. The reason why I love home health, in particular, is the daily benefit of working with our clients.  I enjoy not only working with the medical aspect of the care as I pursue my education, but getting to know the people and building lasting relationships is what truly inspires me.  My passion for taking care of people is evident in everything I do.


Team Leads

Amber Buker, Personal Caregiver

My Name is Amber Buker. I live in Littleton with my family. My favorite activities include hiking, biking, snowboarding, and any activity in the beautiful Colorado outdoors. Serving the community has always been a priority to me, whether volunteering at my child’s school, or fixing meals for families in need. I have worked for Golden Heart Senior care for a year and a half now. I have a consistent client whom appreciates the housework I do and I help her with technology. I have chosen to be a caregiver because I believe seniors should be in their homes as long as possible. Individual freedom is empowering and all humans deserve choices.

 Linda Hoilind, Personal Caregiver

I have lived in ‘the mountains’ for many years from Evergreen..Conifer.. GJ..and Bailey. We love being here and wish to stay as long as we can..even through the senior years. I know you do too..helping you do that is why I work with seniors in Golden Heart’s care.